Handyman Service in Manchester.

DIY can be difficult if you don't have the correct tools or experience.

Often a small job can become a big mess if you get it wrong and with wires and pipes behind a wall or floor, some jobs can be dangerous!

Sometimes it's best to get some free advice and professional help and that's why you should call me!!

Curtain rails / window blinds / door handles / pictures / mirrors / shelving / door locks / bath silicone / TV's on the wall / kitchen & bathroom fitting & lots more!

  • I can help you come up with some ideas for storage shelves in a cupboard, store room, under the stairs or in a garage.
  • Hanging pictures and mirrors often requires drilling a wall, with accuracy, as well as the correct hooks & screws.
  • And if you have ever tried to silicone a bath or sink you will realise why people call Me to do it!
  • Curtain poles and rails must be fitted with the correct size plugs and screws or they come down leaving a gaping hole in the wall and there is a certain skill and experience that enables me to fix things that seem un-fixable!

Business to Business & Landlord Support!

Contact me if you have a business of any sort, i.e. pubs, restaurants, property landlords, offices, retirement homes etc.

Let me give your place a free once over and a few tips on basic improvements.

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What does it cost?

Call: 07867 616564

The charge is either by a quote for the job or on the hourly rate.

There is no charge for a visit for a free quote.  

Whether you have one thing to do or a list of jobs, phone and I will help sort it out.

Call: 07867 616564 07867 616564

If I don't answer right away, please send a text or an email with your requirements.

E-mail: davidallsorts@hotmail.co.uk

Honest, Experienced, Highly Recommended & Fully Insured.

Popular Jobs:

  • curtain poles, rails & blinds
  • repairs to doors & handles
  • all types of shelves
  • pictures & mirrors
  • fitting door locks
  • fitting kitchens & bathrooms
  • repair to broken furniture
  • wall mounted TV's
  • loose cupboard doors
  • custom storage shelves
  • accessories on bathroom walls
  • flatpack furniture assembly
  • electrical fittings installation


A TV on the wall for more floor space!

Modern slim TV's are designed to be counter-top or wall mounted.

Wall mounting looks neat and gives you lots of extra floor space. Brackets to suit your TV are generally available.

Example of a wall mounted TV



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