Business & Landlord Support

It's amazing how business owners get used to little faults... but you can be sure your customers and staff will notice them!

A few examples:

  • A badly adjusted door closer that allows a door to slam
  • Unsightly mould in the washrooms
  • Wobbly tables, desks and chairs
  • Blown light bulbs, loose door handles
  • Scuffed paintwork on walls and doors
  • ​Torn and damaged flooring
  • Unsafe, slippy stairways and loose hand-rails

​All these things can be fixed and this will improve visitor and staff experience as well as Health & Safety!

Health & Safety

If you have steps used by customers, staff or contractors, they must be safe.

That means non-slip and in some situations they must be highly visible.

I fit these nosings in various colours and turn a Slip into a Step!

Serving a variety of businesses

  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Shops, stores
  • Offices & Call centres
  • Hotels, B & B's
  • Retirement Homes
  • Rented Property
  • Clinic's & surgery's
  • Salons & spa's

For Landlords

Popular problems in rented accomadation:

  • Broken Furniture
  • Loose curtain poles & blinds
  • Faulty Plumbing
  • Decoration Damage
  • Loose Cupboard Doors
  • Broken Locks

Currently looking after lots of Student and professional accomadation, HMO's, city center apartments, family rentals.

Call:  07827 999 218

If I don't answer right away, please send a text or an email with your requirements.


Honest, Experienced, Highly Recommended & Fully Insured.

Popular Jobs:

  • curtain poles, rails & blinds
  • repairs to doors & handles
  • all types of shelves
  • pictures & mirrors
  • fitting door locks
  • fitting kitchens & bathrooms
  • repair to broken furniture
  • wall mounted TV's
  • loose cupboard doors
  • custom storage shelves
  • accessories on bathroom walls
  • flatpack furniture assembly
  • electrical fittings installation


A TV on the wall for more floor space!

Modern slim TV's are designed to be counter-top or wall mounted.

Wall mounting looks neat and gives you lots of extra floor space. Brackets to suit your TV are generally available.

Example of a wall mounted TV



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