Risk Assessment & Method Statement


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Risk Assessment

1.     Be aware of the environment and especially where there are children, elderly and vulnerable adults.

2.    Check for pipes or wires behind walls or floors where drilling is required. 

3.    Ensure extension leads are kept to a minimum and not laid across walkways.

4.    Exit routes and passageways must be kept clear for access.

5.    Where power tools or hammers are used, suitable eye and ear protection must be in place.

6.    Tools should be tested and in good condition and suitable for the task.

7.    Ladders should only be used where the floor is level & climbed with 3 points of contact. They should be the correct size, strength and stability.

8.    If there is a danger of electric shock, power should be isolated before working on any appliances or fittings.

9.    There should be sufficient light in the work area, if not use head lights or other additional lighting.

10.  Slippery or uneven floors can be dangerous, suitable footwear should be used.



Method Statement

1.    Meet with homeowner or with the person in charge when arriving on site.

2.    Establish the best parking position plus entry and fire exit routes.

3.    Confirm the requirements of the job, provide drawings where necessary.

4.    Locate gas, electric and water shut off in the event these are needed.

5.    Bring in sufficient tools for the job, these should be tidy in suitable bags/boxes.

6.    If parts are required confirm that these are suitable, acceptable before fitting.

7.    Use dust sheets where required to protect flooring and furniture.

8.    Alert persons present if there will be any noise from hammering or drills.

9.    Plan the sequence of events before commencing the particular task.

10.  Ensure ladders are correctly positioned on a flat even surface.

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A TV on the wall for more floor space!

Modern slim TV's are designed to be counter-top or wall mounted.

Wall mounting looks neat and gives you lots of extra floor space. Brackets to suit your TV are generally available.

Example of a wall mounted TV



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